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Taxation Planning and Advice - Including ATO Private Rulings

Private ATO Rulings
The taxation office is keen to collect income tax from clubs who provide services to the public for profit. It does not tax a club that is exempt from income tax being established for the encouragement of a game or sport. Which category does your club fall into? We have assisted clubs obtain Private Rulings from the ATO which have greatly reduced their income tax costs.

Fringe Benefits Tax
Do you provide taxable and exempt fringe benefits? How do your recognise your obligations under the Income Tax Act on the provision of vehicles, mobile phones, laptop computers and other fringe benefits? Do you know the rules on private usage of club vehicles, and the rules about different types of vehicles? Are you accurately recording any required fringe benefits in your payroll reporting to the ATO? Would you like a review of your fringe benefits to ensure you are fully compliant?

Is your payroll accurate, are you struggling to get this right? Do you deduct the correct amount of tax from your employees?  Do you fill out the PAYE Summary Sheets correctly?
Would you like a review of your payroll system? Would you like to take the payroll function “offsite” to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your workforce?
Payroll Tax
Payroll tax is a Queensland State tax. You may already be paying payroll tax. If not, do you know the thresholds that trigger this liability? Do you know the definitions to ensure you accurately include all required payments and entitlements when preparing your payroll returns or assessing your liability?

Would you like a review of your GST obligations and reporting to ensure this is being done correctly?
Does the BAS reporting put a disruptive load on your staff? Would you like your BAS reporting outsourced to improve work flow management and increase confidence in the reporting process?

Severe penalties apply to employers that do not accurately calculate and remit employee’s superannuation entitlements within strict timelines. Penalties also apply to your directors. Are you meeting your obligations correctly?

Gaming Machine Tax
This tax increases as the amount of gaming revenue increases. Do you have two sites? Can they be separated to reduce the percentage of gaming machine tax?


Profit from Our Experience
We can refer you to leaders of successful clubs who have been using our advice for many years to improve their organisations. We have extensive experience in administering both State and Federal taxes.

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