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Risk Management Support to Build and Manage Your Risk Register

What Is Risk?
Risk is a something that impacts in a negative way. Often it is unforseen.
Risk is unavoidable, and risk can hopefully bring rewards.
A Club must take risks, it just has to manage and minimize the consequences that might happen if the risk becomes reality.

Operational Risks
There are many operational risks.

  • Staff or visitors slipping on a wet floor.
  • Food poisoning
  • Sporting infrastructure or equipment failing.
  • Service of alcohol to intoxicated persons

These potential risks should be identified by the management team and documented in a risk register. There should also be procedures to minimise the chance of these risks impacting severely on the club and the people who come through the doors.

Corporate Governance Risks
The Board is responsible for Corporate Governance Risks. Examples might include:

  • Breach of the Constitution by the Board
  • Over-optimistic projections to justify borrowings
  • Loss of key people
  • Trading whilst insolvent
  • Mismanagement of staff monies, such as Superannuation
  • Reputational Damage

The Board must create its own risk register, and identify as many risks as possible.
These are documented in the Corporate Governance Risk Register, as are the processes to mitigate and minimize the consequences.

Adequate insurance to protect the club against negative consequences of unforseen and foreseen risks is important. With proper planning the number of unforseen risks will be less. There are many types of insurance available and the level of cover is difficult to quantify. Minor risks might be “self insured”. Risk management procedures are intended to identify and minimize foreseeable risks.


Profit from Our Experience
We offer our experience as facilitators to help you create and manage your Corporate Governance Risk Register

Additionally we can refer you to leaders of successful organisations who have been using our advice to assist with risk management.

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