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Corporate Governance Training and Mentoring for Directors, Chairmen and CEOs

  • Is your Board a cohesive and forward thinking group?
  • How do you deal with the Board member who constantly opposes change, and the one who keeps challenging you and the CEO?
  • Are your meetings focussed on the big strategic picture, or do you get bogged down in operational matters?
  • Do you have Board members who only want to discuss sport?
  • Is there a person who dominates the conversation?
  • Do you need some support in helping you guide the Board?
  • Is there too much turnover in the Board membership?
  • Do you have a high level of trust in your CEO?
  • Are Board papers issued in sufficient time for Board member pre-reading?
  • Do you have a structured Agenda that helps you deal with the important issues?
  • How do you manage conflicts of interest?
  • Are the financial reports meaningful to give the Board confidence?
  • Do you have a Strategic Plan and a Business Plan?
  • Do you have internal policies and procedures?
  • Would your Board benefit from a Board Survey?

These questions are very important for your Board or Management committee.
There are publications and resources available through Clubs Queensland to help guide you through these questions. We can help you using these tools and our own resources and experience.

Profit from Our Experience
We offer our experience as directors who have sat on and chaired Boards of very successful organisations.

We can organise a workshop for your Board, or we can advise and mentor your Chairperson and/or your senior manager/CEO on the role of the Board and how to have an effective working relationship.

We are Associate members of Clubs Queensland

Additionally we can refer you to leaders of successful clubs who have been using our advice for many years to improve their organisations.

If you would like an obligation free discussion, phone D’Arne Hale on 07 4968 3166 or click here.